Tech Tips from Nisswa Automotive

Air Conditioning 101

Auto Repair Tech TipsNumerous things can be the culprit when your A/C is blowing air that isn’t very cold. There’s a good chance that your A/C system may be out of refrigerant. If it is, there could be a leak in your A/C system.The refrigerant is an invisible gas, which leaves no obvious signs when it leaks. In order to identify where the A/C system is leaking, all refrigerant must be evacuated from the system. Then the system is refilled with refrigerant containing a special dye in it. In most cases, you will leave the shop with cold A/C! If your system is leaking, the refrigerant will eventually leak out again. This time, the dye that was added will leave a “stain” at the location of the leak.

Our technicians will shine a special light over the system and the “stain” will glow in that light. It is at this point that the actual repair can be completed.

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